A downloadable Kart Racer for Windows


"Excellence in Capstone Design"
April 2017 - Department of Engineering at The Ohio State University

"Peer-voted Best Game"
April 2017 - OSU Computer Science course 5912

Couch Party Racing was conceived through mutual agreement that some of our fondest gaming memories are those from our childhood, playing local-multiplayer games with friends and family. The team Couch Potato Gaming wanted to recreate this nostalgia through a couch-multiplayer kart racer with a focus on party modes. Bring friends together for a return to the classic multiplayer games people enjoyed so greatly.

Game Features:

  • Local multiplayer (support for gamepads + keyboard/mouse)
  • Race Mode (with AI karts and Spectator mode)
  • Keep Away/Survival ("Spud Run")
  • Kart Soccer ("Tot Shot")
  • In-game shop ("Chip Shop")
  • In-game track builder
  • In-game music jukebox (place your music in root layer of CPR folder)
  • Extended session mode ("Couch Party Mode")
  • Various Power Ups

Source code: https://github.com/buttsj/couch-party-racing
Jack's Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/MagicFind
Jack's GitHub: https://www.github.com/buttsj
Jack's Portfolio: https://www.dreameater.net

Install instructions

Download the zip folder and launch the Unity-game executable file


CPR.zip 158 MB

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